4 Factors to Consider When Choosing an App Developer

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Your app developer can either be the foundation of one of the most innovative apps, or the barrier that prevents your app from even getting a few downloads. The point is, you must choose the right app developer so that you do not waste your time, money, and effort.

As such, there are a few factors that you need to consider to narrow down your options. Doing this will allow you to see whether or not you’re making the right decision in entrusting the development of your app to these companies.
Here are five factors you need to consider when choosing an app developer to work on your project:

1. Portfolio of previous projects
Most companies that are into creation and development services have a portfolio of previous work. Typically, app developers show their portfolios on their website, available for potential clients to see. When looking for a company to work on your app, check their website or any of their social media pages to see if they have a portfolio. If they don’t, that could probably be a sign that they are rookies in the industry. While there’s nothing wrong with relying on startup companies, as much as possible, you want to work with those who have a proven track record.

2. Cost of services
As with any purchase decision, you want to compare the pricing of all your options. Setting a budget will help you weigh the features you want to include in your app. By making comparisons, you get to see the capabilities of each developer in terms of the range of included services.
Because you have a target threshold for your expenses, you’re able to gauge the quality of work you can afford. As much as possible, settle for a company that offers comprehensive features that are necessary for the type of app you’re developing.

3. Client reviews
When it comes to making purchase decisions, client reviews are among the first factors to be considered. Since you’re entrusting a different company to work on your app, you want to ensure that the experience and results you’ll get are desirable.
Most app developers also put client reviews on their website. In fact, this is one indication that the company is confident in delivering great developer services and is reliable too. Despite that, you still may want to check for other testimonials and references online to guarantee that you’re choosing the best developer for your app.

4. Staffing scale
A good indicator of an app development company that’s doing it right is if it’s continuously looking for new additions to their team. When the app developer is scaling and growing, it means that they’re trusted by many different clients, which allows them to build a better team and get brand new talents. By checking their websites, you can browse for their Careers section and see if they’re hiring new brilliant minds to scale their talent pool.

Deciding on which app developer to trust can be a challenging task, especially for startups, since they can’t afford to risk too much. By keeping the above factors in mind, you’re able to compare among your options. This way, you’re getting one step closer to choosing the right app developers in NYC!

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Ken Vermeille
Ken Vermeille
The founder and CEO of Vermillion Sky. Ken Vermeille has 15 years of experience in product design and development. Creating his first website at 12 years old, he continues to build his talents by leveraging his ability to learn and implement any technology. In the past he's worked on mobile and web apps, video games, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, business model generation, and anything to keep Vermillion Sky at the cutting edge of product design and development.

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