What Social Value Can Your App Provide During Quarantine?

In the digital era, phones have become an integral part of human life. For most people, their smartphone is somewhat an extension of themselves. They use it to communicate, read, shop, play, order food, listen to music, book travel tickets, and monitor their health, among other things.

This is the incredible thing about smartphones. They bring entertainment, convenience, and communication at a user’s fingertips. However, smartphones do not function autonomously. All these features are available to users thanks to mobile apps.

As the number of smartphone users continues to rise and the reliance on apps for convenience increases, the app market’s burgeoning growth is expected to continue. In the first quarter of 2020, the Apple App Store and Google Play Store had combined app downloads of 33.6 billion.

With the average smartphone user having installed 40 apps on their phone, this industry is expected to generate $581.9 billion in 2020.

Undoubtedly, the app industry has a lot of potential for individuals with a desire to invest in apps. The demand for apps is high and continuously increasing, thus offering a good income-generating avenue. With apps such as Facebook that have earned their owners billions, there is sufficient motivation for would-be developers.

Are you ready to step into the exciting world of app development and become self-employed? Whereas it’s possible to make millions as an entrepreneur, it calls for a lot of ingenuity to create something that will go mainstream. Your app should offer a solution to everyday challenges or bring something unique and entertaining that users will enjoy.

For most of 2020, the world has been grappling with COVID-19 which has confined people to their homes due to quarantines and stay-at-home measures. As an app investor, this scenario offers a great opportunity for creating social value apps that will be especially ideal during the quarantine.

Read on to find some of the social value app ideas you should be working on.

Telemedicine App

At present, health facilities across the globe are stretched thin due to the pandemic. Also, there is the added responsibility of separating COVID-19 patients from others due to the virus’s highly transmissible nature.

To reduce such risks and ease congestion in health centers, a telemedicine app is the best solution. With such an app, patients who do not necessarily require an in-person checkup at the hospital may have their health concerns addressed by a certified doctor remotely.     

Some of the features to include in a telemedicine app include:

  • Categories — Have different categories of doctors, such as dermatologists, general physicians, dentists, and psychologists, to ease navigation.
  • Medical History — There should be a medical history section in the app. This will ensure that patients can receive suitable treatment even when they are consulting a different physician. In the case of accidents, such records can be shown to paramedics with only a few taps or clicks.
  • Automatic Prescriptions — To offer greater convenience, include an automatic prescription feature. This feature should send prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy for delivery.
  • Video Calls — For better interaction between patients and physicians, the app should allow video calls.

COVID-19 Delivery App

Due to the highly transmissible nature of COVID-19, measures such as curfews and lockdowns have been put in place in many countries. People are spending more time at home, and most only leave when purchasing foodstuffs and other essential items.

However, some are currently in self-quarantine and cannot leave their houses as doing so may put others at risk. Also, individuals who have chronic diseases or weakened immune systems cannot leave their homes as they are at higher risk. For such groups of people, a quarantine delivery app is an ideal solution.

Some of the features to include in your COVID-19 delivery app include:

  • Order Scheduling — Add a feature that allows patients to order food and medication in advance.
  • Messaging — Since the rider and patient should not come into contact, a messaging platform will be necessary. The rider can alert the patient when the parcel has been delivered so that they can pick it up while leaving the cash.
  • Convenient Payment Options — For deliveries to COVID-19 patients, online payment methods such as PayPal, debit/credit cards, and others are ideal as they reduce physical interaction. Since avoiding cash payments is virtually impossible, make sure you take the necessary precautions.
  • Social Media Login — For easy and convenient access to the app, allow social media login to facilitate sign-ups.
  • GPS Tracking — Another way to make your app users’ favorite is by enabling order tracking.

Language Learning App

Today, with the world being highly interconnected, there are many language-translating apps that help people communicate with people from other countries. However, with the present circumstances, people now find themselves with a lot of spare time for self-improvement.

african-american boy and girl lying on the floor while looking at a tablet device

Developing an app that helps users learn new languages is one of the best ways to tap into this need. With such an app, learners can learn at any time, anywhere, and without the need to attend classes.

To make your language app holistic, make sure you add the following features:

  • Wide Range of Languages —  Make sure the app offers courses on different languages to give you a broader market.
  • Animated Videos — One of the best ways to boost learners’ attention and retention capacity is by using visuals. For a language app, brightly colored 2D and 3D animations will be effective.
  • Level-Wise System — Learners are at different levels when it comes to their language of interest. Adding multiple levels and using skill points to award students is an excellent way of encouraging continued progress and making learning entertaining.
  • Vocabulary Center — Once learners are comfortable with the new language’s basics, they will want to advance to more complex words, for which a vocabulary center will be helpful.

Getting Ahead in the Social Value App Space

The mobile app industry has many opportunities and is projected to continue growing in the coming years. However, there are some key ingredients that make an app successful. These are uniqueness and functionality. The former is all about creativity and the ability to spot opportunities. For the latter, skills and experience in app development are crucial. 

This is why it is crucial to match your creativity with a professional app development team to ensure your app is successful. Vermillion Sky is a mobile apps development company that helps bring app ideas to life. Reach out to us today to schedule a free strategy call.  

Ken Vermeille
Ken Vermeille
The founder and CEO of Vermillion Sky. Ken Vermeille has 15 years of experience in product design and development. Creating his first website at 12 years old, he continues to build his talents by leveraging his ability to learn and implement any technology. In the past he's worked on mobile and web apps, video games, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, business model generation, and anything to keep Vermillion Sky at the cutting edge of product design and development.

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