8 Ways a Unique Design Configuration Can Obscure Your App’s Value

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stand out from the sea of mobile applications being published daily. In fact, challenging the status quo is how most major brands attain their popularity and outshine competitors. However, an issue occurs when the idea of standing out gets in the way of app’s users. This can range from basic issues such as viewing difficulties caused by your chosen color scheme to unconventional interactive layers that your users may not be accustomed to. Here you’ll find 8 reasons why using a non-standard app design configuration may do more harm than good.

Not Balancing the Playing Field

The quickest way to cause some commotion within your userbase is to divide them into the haves and the have-nots. Certain applications lose a great number of potential consumers just by choosing to focus on one group instead of aiding all of them. When hired, professional app development services will often take care and level out any advantages or disadvantages that some mobile users may experience while using the app. This is all to keep every user feeling just as valued and capable as the next. Great examples of this balance include applications that implement choices for a user to perform an action, all while another user (on a separate phone brand) would be able to perform the same action without fiddling with the settings. Now, instead of splitting the community, everyone is on the same level and able to appreciate your app’s design and content. 

Fixing What Isn’t Broken 

For smartphones, a standard user interface has already been set in place. The vast majority of all users, no matter their education or background, will understand that tapping on certain icons will take you to a different screen. Altering the action that must be taken to fulfill a need will only slow the user down and throw a wrench in their learning curve. This includes irregular navigation features such as sliding, holding, repeated tapping, etc. As most users are coming from standard tap-to-go applications, they expect that they’ll be able to access and use this new app with relative ease. Although being different may set you apart, it can also annoy and irritate users who aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to adjust to a new system. 

The Popularity of Icons 

Over time, many icons have been used to represent different sections in an app. However, as technology evolved, so have the names of these sections to set most apps apart. While you may be tempted to use a unique icon, it’s important to stick with the standard ideology even when you’re implementing your own style. Professional app development services tend to keep the same icons in use, such as a house (to represent a home screen) or a magnifying glass (representing a search area). This helps users acclimate to the rest of the features and values within the app without having to learn different page names or icons. 

Lost in the Code

Finding new ways to establish your application as different and unique is a key element in gaining and maintaining popularity and usage. However, the extreme opposite of being bland is overusing elements and actions. The more actions are implemented in one app, the more it tends to slow the servers down, especially when factoring in a mid-sized userbase. Clouding your app with too many features can push your foundation and original goal to become lost.

App developers using a whiteboard to plan their next project.
App developers using a whiteboard to plan their next project.

The Attraction of Minimalism

The minimalistic approach is applied to a variety of successful marketing and branding techniques. Even in architecture, sleek structures are seen as beautiful, as viewers feel that the attraction isn’t only external, but internal as well. This also applies to app design configurations. Working with an app development service will not only provide you with aesthetically-pleasing design and configuration elements; it will also allow you to work on the actual features that will set your app apart in ways that will draw a highly-appreciative audience.

Shutting off Potential Consumers

Every great app aims to improve the quality of life of a certain group. As you come to understand your target audience and those who you will want to reach in the future, it’s crucial to factor in how well these consumers can get along with and digest the app. The smoothest way to address all ages and segments of people is to keep a standard design mixed with configuration elements that everyone is already accustomed to, or can easily adjust to. While there’s no limit to the paths you can take when making your app unique, too many changes in configuration and design can nullify the value of the app in the consumer’s eyes, replacing it with feelings of discomfort and disdain.

Stunting Business Growth 

It’s no secret that many companies and big brands combine their resources every once in a while to create content that attracts a multitude of consumers for all parties involved. As these opportunities arise, partners look for other creators with a reliable and steady consumer base. But if their designs seem too different from yours, it’ll make it harder to peg your audience and see if a business relationship is something you both could benefit from. Working with an app development service can help solve this problem. Letting expert developers build your app will ensure that you and your customers will have opportunities for more content and business partnerships through attractive design configurations that highlight your company’s true value. 

The Takeaway

As a creator, it’s important to ensure that your content can reach and serve the greatest number of users that it possibly can. Designing a unique app can be a fun and exhilarating process; however, it’s vital that these elements don’t detach users from the value of your application. Remember: the main components that will make your app stand out are in its actual features. This means that standard design and a simple interface will ensure the greatest amount of satisfaction to your target audience.

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Ken Vermeille
Ken Vermeille
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