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How To Write An RFP For Your Next Mobile Application

Looking at launching your first mobile app development project or upgrading an existing application to make it more engaging? Amazing. At some point, you will likely fill out an RFP, also known as a Request for Proposal, for app development services.

RFPs can be fairly simple for the experienced user or complex for someone on their very first project. If either of these is you, you have landed at the right place.

Why do you need an RFP?

An RFP for a mobile app will allow you to collect offers from several vendors so you can carefully choose the best development partner that meets the needs and criteria of your project. Such a document will take into account experience, timelines, deliverables, and budget.

Effective mobile app RFPs are time-consuming and without the right amount of guidance along the way, can be frustrating to get done right.

At Vermillion Sky, we have helped hundreds of founders, CTOs, and CEOs design and develop mobile and web apps from conception to launch. What we have discovered in the process is that the proposal part is where many executives and entrepreneurs get stuck.

That is why we have developed this helpful guide “How to Write an RFP for Your Mobile App” to come alongside you through the process of RFP writing. We will cover everything you need to know from project design to backend requirements and budget.

Download the complete eBook to learn how to:

  • Describe your project including functionality, use case, and related stakeholders
  • Define your scope including services, operating systems, UX, UI, backend requirements, and notifications
  • Understand what your analytics should look like and how to receive the data
  • Craft a budget and timeline that works for all involved
  • Analyze your end-to-end product strategy and the user experience