3 Factors When Choosing an App Development Framework – What to Know

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In today’s world, one of the best ways to flaunt your business is through the development of an app. With a majority of the population having access to a smartphone, the quickest route to a whole world of consumers is to land on their cellphones.

When it comes to app development, having an idea isn’t enough to get the process started. You need an entire team with specific technical skills to pull it off, and they can only do that if they have the proper system and tools necessary to work on that project. It is for this reason that choosing the appropriate application development framework is essential.

Mobile Application Development Frameworks

A mobile application development framework, in a gist, is the specific platform of tools that app developers need to get the job done. For the best results in making an app, employing a highly functional system is necessary, and this framework provides that set-up for your team to work efficiently.

There are several frameworks in the app development market, each boasting to be better than the next. To help you determine what is best for you, here are three of the most significant factors to consider when choosing the best app development framework.

The Manpower and Skillset

Every framework has its own set of tools and required skillsets to utilize. Before jumping into app development, one must first take an introspective look into the human resources on the team. Each team member has a specific skill set, and in any team, you want to leverage those team members’ skills into something great. Your team members must understand their level of expertise in their field. From there, you can shortlist the appropriate frameworks for your application. In doing so, you can set an essential structure for your plans and accurately work out the details as you go along.

The essential component of your app development process lies in the people that you have. Do they have the specific skillsets required to build the app you need? If they don’t, you should hire someone skilled enough to pull through the process—this way, you can have the guidance necessary to streamline the entire development process. 

Once you’ve figured out what you’re working with and have created a basic plan, you should now consider what framework your people can use. Even if you have the most advanced app development framework in the market, it’s useless if your team doesn’t know how to use it.

The User Interface

User interface (UI) is what your users will be interacting with regularly, which is why prioritizing design can prove essential to your app’s success. Poorly designed UI is incredibly off-putting and can quickly push your consumers to forego your business for someone else’s. Attention is limited, and your UI need’s to be as good or better than your targeted platform’s default UI.

If you have a specific layout in mind, then search for the framework that can support it. For instance, if you’re building a blog application, you can find prebuilt frontend frameworks to leverage its creation. It is here that your hired developers’ advice will come in handy; through them, you can adequately determine which framework works best for your needs.

The Support System

The overwhelming popularity of app development frameworks has sprouted numerous services that cater to each one. Poor support systems, even if not directly tied with your business, can cause you to fail. 

When considering a framework, consider the support that comes with it—will it be enough for your needs? If you’re using an open-source framework, is it mature enough to build your entire frontend or backend? Can the creators help you streamline the development process? Will their services be able to troubleshoot any future issues? These are all critical questions to consider.


App development requires a stable process and framework to support any venture. To streamline it, you should pick out the best app development framework to push your business needs forward.

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Ken Vermeille
Ken Vermeille
The founder and CEO of Vermillion Sky. Ken Vermeille has 15 years of experience in product design and development. Creating his first website at 12 years old, he continues to build his talents by leveraging his ability to learn and implement any technology. In the past he's worked on mobile and web apps, video games, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, business model generation, and anything to keep Vermillion Sky at the cutting edge of product design and development.

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