SirenMD is the very first HIPAA compliment real-time messaging application for iOS, Android, and the web. SirenMD helps sports doctors manage their patients on and off the field. Their current clients include the University of Miami, WWE, The Olympics, and Major League Baseball.


Build a HIPAA compliant secure cross platform messaging application.

  • Strategy

    Full Product Development

  • Client

    Teleport Med

  • Platforms

    iOS, Android, Web

  • Languages Used

    Javscript, Objective-C, Java, Swift

  • Technologies

    Node.js, Docker, Kuberneties

Open Project

Building the very first HIPAA compliant messaging mobile app

The TeleportMed came to us to build develop a mobile app for a sports healthcare platform. The app is intended to streamline communication between athletes and healthcare providers using real-time case updates and notifications. The app also included video chat, voice chat, secure file storage, and case management features. 


Product Overview

SirenMD is a platform where caregivers at all levels are able to connect and collaborate quickly and securely. Such coordination allows for faster decision-making, streamlined workflow, and, ultimately, more precise care. Founded by physicians, and led by healthcare and technology experts, SirenMD is focused on delivering valuable documentation and clinical workflow tools to all healthcare teams.


Messaging & Case Management

Before SirenMD, doctors would sometimes communicate sensitive information in a non compliant way. Doctors on the SirenMD platform can now manage the communication around an injured athlete through real time messaging on Apple and Android devices as well as on their desktop.


Video and Voice Chat

Doctors can chat with each other through a secure and compliant video chat that is encrypted according to the HIPAA security protocols.

DICOM Image Viewer

Doctors can securely share DICOM images with each other. Instead of sharing screen shots through text messages or other insecure sources.

Our Approach

Focus on mobile first design for doctors on the go

What We Built



Full-stack Enterprise

Using Node.js, we created a HIPAA compliant backend. The backend meets the US government security standards for data transmission and storage, ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic protected health information (e-PHI).


Product Research &
Workflow Research

Before we build anything, we worked with SirenMD to profile their target market and build the project in a way that satisfied sports doctors who are in the field.


Mobile Development &
Design Implementation

We took a mobile first approach to building SirenMD. We built the iOS and Android application as native applications using the native platform technologies. We also created a web frontend so that doctors can access the application on their desktop.



Continuous Improvement & Growth Management

After building the application we provided continuous support through the growth of their company. We worked with them to create custom features for their large organization partnerships.

Enterprise Success

SirenMD Partners


Project by the numbers.


Money Raised

After we built SirenMD they were able to get funded by private investors



Who use SirenMD to make their lives easier


Sports Partnerships

SirenMD serves sports organizations such as the WWE and the Olympics


Managed Cases

From sports teams around the world

Awards & Honors

In SirenMD's words...

I found Vermillion Sky's ability to be flexible and deliver on the project the most impressive and unique.
Andrew Willert
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