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Fixed Pricing

Our hourly rate is $150 an hour, we use this hourly rate to estimate fixed project pricing based on the estimated time it takes to complete a project. This comes to about $5,400 per person per week. There may be situations where a resource only works half a week or a quarter of a week. The fixed pricing we take into account

Startup Program
$22,000 – $75,000
Building a company is hard. Unless you’re an experienced founder, funding a company can feel downright impossible. Built specifically for entrepreneurs, the Startup Package will help you pitch your app to investors and maximize your chance of getting funded

In 6 – 8 weeks, you’ll have:

  • Clearly defined user personas based on market research and actual user testing
  • Complete visual design and UX for your app
  • An interactive, demo-ready prototype to show off to investors
  • A polished, professional pitch deck
  • Everything you need to build an MVP, including detailed system architecture, development timeline, and cost estimate
  • The support of a team that believes in your product and vision

Startup Program I
This is a scaled-down version of the full startup program, it focuses on completing the steps in the startup program in 3 weeks

Startup Program II
This package focuses on spending more time with the customers and validating multiple products through customer development interviews, multiple prototypes, and the full system architecture needed to launch the technical aspect of the project

Startup Program III
This is everything included in the Startup Program II over the course of 12 weeks with 1 design sprint. A design sprint is a 5-day intensive Bootcamp that will help us validate and create a proof of concept quickly.

Minimum Viable Product

$50,000 – $150,000

A minimum viable product, or MVP, is a product with enough features to attract early-adopter customers and validate a product idea early in the product development cycle. Your MVP can help you team receive user feedback as quickly as possible to iterate and improve the product.

The goal of the MVP is to reduce risk and maximize impact. We have 2 tiers of MVP products, the 6 week process and the 12 week process. During this process we create a specific MVP team to ensure that we build a workable and validated product that solves your customer’s pains.

6 Week MVP – $50,000
12 Week MVP – $100,000 – $125,000

MVP Process

  1. Research and plan
  2. Prototype and design
  3. Engineer and develop
  4. Test and deploy

Most software is unique and the exact timelines and breakdowns depend on your specific product.

App Care Services

$10,625 – $16,000 monthly or $10,000 retainer
As part of our maintenance package, our clients purchase ongoing services to tweak and optimize their application for success. Some of our clients purchase a retainer for a set amount of hours, generally $10,000 worth. Monthly services are billed at $125 an hour with a minimum 6-month commitment

Custom Projects

For larger or custom projects we work with you to determine the requirements of your application. Estimating software development costs is difficult so we employ a time and materials pricing approach.

Time and Materials agreements are great when:

  • The scope of the project is not small
  • The requirements are not fully known
  • The requirements may change during the course of the project
  • You want the flexibility to modify scope or change features while the project is underway

The main benefit of a T&M agreement is flexibility. During the course of the software development, you can adjust requirements, incorporate user input, and swap out features and change direction so that you get exactly the product you want.

We still bill at $150 an hour and every month we estimate the amount of time we need for the project, you’ll pay that upfront and if there is a difference, it rolls over to the next month. If there is a negative balance, that is included in the estimate for the next month. Every week, you’ll receive a breakdown of hours per person so that you can keep an eye on costs.

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